Jala "Stacy Ningai (formerly Jill Morales)

Jala is a contradiction reborn from damnation into purity and doing the work of The God Emperor, while never sure if she has crossed the line again


Current Career: Inquisitor
Career Path: Redemptionist > Cleric > Forsaken Priest > Arch-Exorcist > Interrogator > Inquisitor
Transition: Gaze From On High
Rank: 12 Age: 26 (22) Sex: Female Ht.: 5’6" Wt.: 128 lbs. Build: Athletic Hair: White, bob or short ponytail Eyes: Brown Divination: A mind without purpose will wander dark places Quirk: Thick jaw

Attributes (x = advance taken, o = advance available)

xxxooo xxoooo xooooo xooooo xxoooo xxxxoo xooooo xxxxxo xxxxoo
53 45 37 / 67 35 40 50 33 58 52

WS: + 10 w/ best-quality weapons, + 15 Hatred (Daemons, Heretics), + 10 all other non-Faithful
BS: + 20 w/ twin-linked gun, doesn’t jam: best-quality wpns
STR: + 30 (Sororitas Power Armor)
TGH: U-TGH x2 vs. daemon/warp (1st Seal)
AGI: + 1 Init. roll bonus (Frontierswoman)
INT: + 30 (meditate 1st Seal), + 30 tech-skills/medicae (2nd Seal) + 10 Talented (FL: Daemonology)
PER: + 10 sight/sound in armor (Sororitas Power Armor)
WP: U-WP x2, + 10 vs. MC/malig. (Flagellant), U-WP x3 vs. Psy attacks (1st Seal), + 10 Daemonic Mast. (M. Sorc.)
FEL: U-FEL x3 and + 10 Talented (Charm/Command) (3rd Seal), See Factions!


Acrobatics + 20, Awareness + 10, Barter, Carouse + 10, Charm + 20, Climb, Command + 20, Common Lore: (Imperial Creed, Religions of Talis), Deceive + 20, Disguise, Dodge + 20, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore: (Arcane Languages + 20, Cult of the Morning Star, Daemonology + 10, Occult + 10, Psychers, Warp), Gamble, Inquiry, Interrogation, Invocation, Literacy + 10, Medicae, Performer: (Dance + 10, Sing + 10), Psiniscience, Scholastic Lore: (Abominations/Abberations, Cults of Talis, Necrophagi, Saints of Talis, Spectres, Vampires), Scrutiny, Search + 10, Speak Language: (Low Gothic), Trade: (Apothecary, Clothier, Cook, Copyist), Wrangling

Mastery Skills

Scholastic Lore, Forbidden Lore


Air of Authority, Armor of Contempt, Blademaster, Chain Weapon Expert, Crushing Blow, Disarm, Favoured of the Warp, Hatred: (Daemons, Heretics), Into the Jaws of Hell (3rd Seal), Lightning Attack, Litany of Hate, Master Orator, Major Arcana x1, Master Sorcerer, Meditation, Minor Arcana x1, Pure Faith, Quickdraw, Sorcerer, Sound Constitution x7, Swift Attack, Talented (FL: Daemonology), Tech Use, True Grit, Unnatural Willpower (x2), Unshakeable Faith

Sororitas Talents (via Interrogator Wild Talents):
Tests of Faith, Holy Hatred

Influence Talents:
Watched From On High

Paragon Talents:
Melee Weapon Expertise (Primitive, Chain, Power, Shock), Pistol Expertise (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP), Basic Expertise (Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP)

Faith Talents: (targets: F=FEL, M=Master Orator x FEL, #, or X=many | *=Req. action) (NOTE: one free Emp. Wrath Talent per session via Tests of Faith above)

Emperor’s Wrath EW (cont.) Emperor’s Mercy Other
Divine Guidance (F) The Passion (F) Divine Endurance (M) Purge the Unclean (1)*
Religious Hysteria (X)* Rgts. Frenzy (M)* Martyr’s Gift (1)*
Wrath o/t Rgts. (M) Spiritual Cleansing (1)*


Blessed Birth, Flagellant, Frontierswoman, Indomitable Will of the Inquisition, Purity Is the Only Defense, Wild Skills/Talents


Minor Arcana Major Arcana Major Arcana (cont.)
Whispers of the Warp (11) Create Door (28) Words of Power (see below)
Suggestion (12) Mind Scan (23) Veil of Ishtar (14)
Hex (13) Compelling Gaze (25) Summon Object (24)
Dress/Undress (7) Daemon Wrack (23) Levitate, Flyer(WP) (14)

From 3rd Seal, 1x / day, treat any WP roll as ‘01’:
Chant of the Paladin (20), Veil of Ishtar (15), Ward of the Sal’Hadrin (15)
Caress of Inanna (7), Refresh (7), Saint’s Globe (7), Touch of Inanna (7)

Word of Power WP + Syllables = Mfst. Bonus Total Dice (FL+sorc)
Live Again (40) 5 + 3 (3 syll.) = +8 7/8*
Life, Again (20) 5 + 3 (3 syll.) = +8 7/8*
Power Word Kill: Implosion (30) 5 + 0 (1 syll.) = +5 7/8*
*+1 psy-rating if wearing the 1st Seal, at night


Create Daemonic Familiar, Summon Incarnate Daemon (Bloodletter), Summon the Watcher at the Gates, Forging of the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Seals, The Ladder of Lights, Call Forth the Army of Decay

Factions (FEL)

Ally (+20): Cult of the Morning Star
Peer (+10): Temple of the Emperor’s Grace, Temple of Purifying Light, Frontier-folk, Workers
Rival (-10): Children of the Atom, Order of the Argent Blade, Children of the Eternal Fire
Enemy (-20): The Red Redemption, Cult of Starry Wisdom, Frontier-clergy


Kept in quarters in The Hub:
3x books from Sammael’s library (seemingly mundane), vault canned goods, years worth of dehydrated water, 4x pump shotguns + reasonable ammunition, metal pot, portable heating pad, cooler, vault water bottles x4, 10k ing in trade goods for orphanage, knife, 2x reams of paper (500 × 2)

On person or backpack:
215 ing, robes, 4 candles, rope (30’), vault water bottles x1, Content Not Found: carcosan-bracers with 10 charges, chrono, com-bead, 14 doses of Spook, 100g of silver, scoriata, 4x doses of Compelling Gaze tincture, 1x ream of paper (500 pages), copy of partial Imperial Creed, personal vox-caster, badge of office, 3x Dress/Undress flasks (30x uses left, power armor takes 15x uses), Carcosan Amulet now with Argent Blade?, witch-hunter Hat, 2x cut-up bodysuits, 1x Rad-away, 6x Rad-X, 9 weeks of ‘Dehydrated Water’ pills, 2 arrow shafts + heads, 1x pieces of Tenebrous jewelry, 1x anti-Psy grenade, Compact Psy-crown (manual activation/deactivation knob), Inquisitorial Rosette (“Stacy Carterius, Ordo Hereticus,” made from Emperor’s sign + his blessed adamantium bolt shells w/ Dino’s + Akashic records)

Charms, wards, totems, etc.:
Religious necklace, skull charm, obsidian (dragon-glass) ward, several lead-lined skull-caps, lock of hair wrapped around a loadstone (under pillow), charcoal pencil, silk veil, copper dagger, Dreamer’s carved wooden grox charm

Locked leather book-bag:
Red Book of Kitchen Sorcery, books on Watcher/Ladder of Lights (from Pete’s shop), Masque of the Queen’s Feast (not worn typically when armor is on), The 1st Seal, The 2nd Seal, The 3rd Seal (when not worn), The 4th Seal, The 5th Seal, “The 6th Seal”: https://talis.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-sixth-seal, “The 7th Seal” https://talis.obsidianportal.com/wikis/the-seventh-seal, Grey Device, Fred the Evil Scouter (destroyed with help from Dino… that sonofabitch)

AP 8/10 (chest) Sororitas Power Armor (Sisters of Battle, + 20 str., + 10 str. from history, auto-senses, dark sight, bio-monitor, mag. boots, recoil suppression, hulking, vox, nutrient recycling, hexagrammic warding?)

AP (Sororitas Power Armor):

Head Body L. Arm R. Arm L. Leg R. Leg Field
8 10 8 8 8 8 0* (Rosarius, 3rd Seal)

Weapons (* = not carried/at Hub, ** = carried in backpack):

Name: T: Damage: Dmg. in Armor+Bracers: Pen.: Special: Qual.: Wt.:
Eviscerator R 1d10 + 11 1d10 + 23 6 sanctified, tearing, unwieldy best 12
Chainsword R 1d10 + 3 1d10 + 13 3 sanctified, tearing, balanced best 6
Greatsword* R 2d10 2d10 + 12 2 shock, unwieldy common 7
Sword R 1d10 1d10 + 10 0 balanced, primitive good 3
Name: Class: Range: RoF: Damage: Pen.: Clip: Reload: Special: Qual.: Wt.:
Bolt Pistol Pistol (Bolt) 30m S/2/- 2d10 + 5 X 5 8 full tearing best 3.5
GR’s Hvy Autopistol SP, Pistol 30m Sx2/-/6×2 1d10 + 3 I 3 18×2 2x full twin-linked best 5
“Lady’s Best Friend” Pistol (Melta) 5m S/-/- 3d10+10 E 14 3 2d6 hours common 0.25
Blood-pact Laspistol** Pistol (Las) 30m S/-/- 1d10+2 E 2 15 full reliable common 1.5
Flamer** Basic (Flame) 20m S/-/- 1d10+4 E 3 3 2full flame common 6

Bolt Pistol: 1 bag w/ 6 clips, (34 rounds, 6 anti-psy), Autopistol: 6 clips (94 rounds, manstoppers), Laspistol: 2 power cells, Flamer: 3 canisters (one empty, unreliable)


Phobia: Angled Surfaces (Acute), Nightmares (Severe)


Credstick: 3100eb, HQ 12mm SMG, 2x 12mm magazines, 200 12mm ball (FMJ), heavy armor jack + pants, gyro-stabilized smart-shoes (high heel), FM comm radio, mastoid commo


Total Wounds: 24 (-1: Flagellant, -1 &/or -3: Carcosan Amulet, -1* Manifesting Resurrection, -1* Summoning Content Not Found: steph-1) (* = active), Current Wounds: 22 / 22
Total Fate Points: 5 (10 – 5 burned), Current Fate Points: 5 / 5
Insanity: 0, Corruption: 0, Radiation: 65
Psy-Rating (effective rating (Sorcery)): 4 (+ 1 at night w/ 1st Seal)
Movement: Half: 3, Full: 6, Charge: 9, Run: 18 Carry: 36/67, Lift: 72/135, Push: 144/270
Experience: 29,350 Spent Experience: 29,350


((Ongoing, to be imported))

Jala "Stacy Ningai (formerly Jill Morales)

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