A daemonic familiar, of the succubus template, that serves as an adviser and seer


Current Career: Daemonic Familiar
Career Path: Daemonic Familiar
Background Package: N/A
Origins: Warp-Spawn
Apparent Age: 14 Assumed Sex: Female Ht.: 1.52m Wt.: 48kg Build: Pixie
Hair: Black (worn in a bob cut)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Divination: In all things find pleasure
Quirk: Really enjoys her job.

Attributes (Human form)
25 25 40 40 40 75 45 40 30
Attributes (True form)
35 25 35 40 50 75 45 40 30
Armor Points
Head Body Right Arm Left Arm Right Leg Left Leg Field
0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 0/7 24

Wounds: 24
Insanity: NA
Corruption: NA


Blessing of Slaanesh: Gains a Field effect with a Rating of 24 that cannot be Overloaded
Changeling: Can assume 2 alternate forms of size Puny or smaller, including animals or objects.
Daemonic (4): Increase TB vs all standard attacks by 4. Stacks with Unnatural Toughness. Immune to poison and disease. Adds + 10 to all Manifestation Tests when using her Psychic Powers (in effect, rolls 2d10 + 10 plus her WP Bonus). May add up to 4 dice when Pushing psychic powers. May sustain Psychic Powers at the cost of 1 dice per power.
Daemonic Presence: All enemies within 10 meters suffer -10 WP
Dark Sight: Can see normally in areas of total darkness, and never takes penalties for fighting in areas of dim or no lighting.
Deadly Allure: Living creatures that look upon or are engaged in combat with her must succeed on a Willpower Test each Round or be limited only to Half Actions.
Fear: 2 (True Form)
Flyer (4): In her true form, Steph can fly using her great, bat-like wings.
From Beyond: Immune to Fear, Pinning, Insanity and Psychic Powers used to cloud, delude or control its mind.
Innate Psyker: Psy Rating 2, possesses all Minor Psychic Powers and WP Bonus + 5 Major Powers (including Arcana). Does not generate or suffer Warp Phenomenon.
Daemon of Slaanesh: Gains + 20 to all Deceive and Charm tests, gains the Skills and Talents of a Daemonette of Slaanesh, gains access to Slaaneshi Psychic Powers and Arcana. Gains + 20 bonus on all Lore Skill Tests.
Natural Weapon: Unnaturally Sharp Claws and Teeth (1d5+ SB PEN 2), Pincer Claw (True Form) (1d10 + 3 R PEN 3, Razor Sharp)
Soporific Musk: Inflicts -10 to all Dodge and Parry tests against its attacks
Soul-Joined: Inextricably linked to her summoner. If the Master is slain, so is she. If she is slain, the Master automatically suffers a permanent 1d5 Toughness loss and 1d5 levels of Fatigue. May share thought communication, as well as what one can see and hear, with one another at any range with a Routine (+ 10) WP Test. Likewise, if the Master is harmed, she will immediately know it.
The Stuff of Nightmares: Immune to poison, disease, most environmental dangers, the need to breathe, Blood Loss, Stunning, and any Critical Effect save those that would kill her outright, unless caused by a Holy, Psychic or Force attack.
Warp Shadow: Any abilities or devices used to detect or divine her nature suffer a -20 penalty.


Skill Rank Skill Rank Skill Rank
Acrobatics +20 Athletics +20 Awareness +10
Charm +10 Common Lore: Mastery +20 Concealment +0
Deceive +20 Dodge +10 Forbidden Lore: Mastery +20
Psyniscience +10 Secret Tongue (Any Master Knows) +0 Silent Move +0
Speak Language (All) +0 Forbidden Lore: Enochian +0


Heightened Senses (All), Swift Attack, Unnatural Agility (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Weapon Talents

Basic Weapon: Primitive

Psychic Powers

Call Creatures (9) Call Item (5) Chameleon (7)
Cipher Seed (9) Deja Vu (8) Distort Vision (8)
Disintegrating Directive (6) Distortion (6) Dull Pain (8)
Endure Flames (8) Familiar Bond (10) Fearful Aura (7)
Flash Bang (6) Float (8) Forget Me (6)
Haywire (10) Healer (7) Inflict Pain (8)
Inspiring Aura (6) Knack (7) Lucky (6)
Mutable Features (8) Open Wounds (9) Precognition (6)
Psychic Stench (5) Resist Possession (6) Sense Mechanism (7)
Sense Presence (7) Space Slip (11) Spasm (7)
Spectral Hands (10) Staunch Bleeding (8) Suggestion (9)
Time Fade (13) Torch (5) Touch of Madness (11)
Trick (5) Trusting Aura (7) Truth-Seeker (6)
Twitch (5) Unnatural Aim (8) Wall Walk (8)
Warp Howl (8) Weaken Veil (9) Weapon Jinx (8)
White Noise (8) Wither (6) Without A Trace (6)
Gate of Infinity (28) Cellular Control (16) Shape Flesh (19)
Far Sight (17) Glimpse (18) Personal Augury (14)
Warp Fire (18)


Minor Arcana Major Arcana
Enticing Aura (10) Drain Vigor (22)
Dress/Undress (7)*
Words of Power

Power Word, Kill (Implosion): Dargh
Live Again: Ourh, Gon-Orh


Stub revolver, Las-pistol, Best Quality Carapace Armor (black, from CotMS via Stacy), Vault Jumpsuit (tailored)


“You called, I came.”


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